Instrumental Workshop

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Workshop Overview

Hands-on training for musicians.

Are you a musician, 15+, with a desire to advance your skills on your instrument or voice? Join us for an exciting (and intense!) week of work on your instrument — string, brass, woodwind, piano, or voice. Training available for beginners to advanced players.

Emphasizing practical application in technical and interpretative ideas, we look forward to providing you with:

  • Lessons on your instrument or voice
  • Structured practice time
  • Ensemble music coaching
  • Orchestral performance opportunities (by audition only*)
  • Elective classes in music ministry & business, improvisation, pedagogy, and more!


July 9, 2022

July 16, 2022


International ALERT Academy Campus

1 Academy Blvd.
Big Sandy TX, 75755

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Instructors and Coaches


Workshop Audition Process

Auditions are not required at the time of registration, but we need them no later than two weeks before your course start date. This is for your instructor to be able to make a plan for how they can coach you best during your time together!

To audition for your instructor, please video yourself playing the following:

  • (1) major and (1) minor scale of your choice in 2-4 octaves.
    • Pianists: 4 octaves
    • Wind players: 2 octaves
    • String players: 3 octaves
    • Vocalists: your choice of scale.
  • Excerpts from (2) classical or sacred selections of your choice. Each selection can be up to 3 min long. (If you’ve chosen a longer piece like a sonata or a concerto, please choose excerpts.)
    • One that is faster and more technical.
    • One that is more lyrical and expressive.

    Upload your video to a private YouTube channel and email the link to [email protected]. Include your name, age, and instrument.

    Who Can Enroll?

    The course is designed for music students ages 15 and upward. Younger students may attend with older siblings or accompanied by a parent, and older students are welcome to attend, as well.

    What is the recommended skill level for students?

    • 2+ years of study on your instrument 
    • Ability to comfortably read a hymn in four parts, and play/sight read the hymn melody or parts comfortably on your instrument.
    • Basic knowledge of music theory (the ability to play scales on your instrument in major and minor keys up to three sharps/flats would be helpful, but not required). 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Instrumental Workshop run by a particular church or denomination?

    Family Conferences is a non-denominational evangelical Christian ministry, governed by a board of directors and is not run by any particular church or denomination.

    Is there much personal time to practice on my instrument?

    Yes! Since the goal of this course is to build your technical and interpretative skills on your instrument as much as we can in one week, expect lots of practicing every day!  Also expect some friendly competition as students log their times on their own charts… there just might be a prize for the best practice log at the end of the course!

    How will I be getting coaching?

    Each day, you will work in a small group setting (2-4 students) for 1-1 ½ hours, with a coach. Together, you will work on things that help you as a musician improve on your instrument. Your partner students will take notes for you, and you will take notes from them. If you are placed in an ensemble, you may sometimes work in a larger group, and the focus will be on how you can improve as an ensemble for a performance.

    Can I play in an orchestra at the Instrumental Workshop?

    Possibly, yes! After every instructor has enjoyed their first lesson with their students, the instructors will meet together and make a selection of repertoire that the majority of the group will be able to play. If you’re ready for the ensemble, you’re in! If the instructors feel that you need more practice this year, you have the option to continue working in small groups until your skill level is ready for the larger group.

    What will vocalists do at the workshop?

    Just like the other instrumentalists, vocalists will work with personal and group coaches, refining their technique and working to learn music that they too, can share in a presentation for the students and faculty.

    How does the course conclude?

    As a finale to our six-day musical intensive, we’ll join forces as a class to present a final concert to our fellow students, instructors, and guests. While this will not be as formal of a concert as Sound Foundations, family and friends are welcome to attend, so that they can join you in celebrating this week of learning and practice.

    View the Final Concert details.

    What’s the dress code?

    We encourage you to lead the way in the classroom by wearing clothing that is traditional, classic, and professional, inviting your peers to take you and your skills seriously. As we focus on equipping students for excellence, our choice of clothing can drive us towards, or distract us from that goal. 

    • Classroom: Business/Professional – classically styled skirts/dresses for girls, slacks/collared shirts for guys
    • Performances: Dress/Formal (Solid black – long dresses for girls, suits for guys, black shoes)
    • Recreation: Casual (keep it modest-fitting: nothing stretchy, clingy, or revealing)

    For more details on the dress code, check out the Orientation Manual.

    What should I bring and how can I prepare?

    In addition to your instrument, some study items, and clothing that adheres to the course guidelines, we’ve compiled a full packing list for you. Please check it out in our Orientation Manual.

    Can family members visit or stay on campus during the course?

    While we welcome family visits, due to the intense class schedule, students need to communicate these visits with their team leaders or the course coordinators. Families are welcome to come and stay on campus if they’d like, however, how much visiting time is actually available is subject to the class schedule. Family members are welcome to stay on campus before or after the course. For details on room and meal reservations, please contact the International ALERT Academy Events Department.

    What is the setup for meals?

    All meals, including a continental breakfast, and full lunch and dinner are served in the campus dining hall. Our dining hall features a full cafeteria line, so there are always plenty of options. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions on your application, or within one month of the course start date, so we can plan appropriately.

    The weekend meal schedule is as follows: 

    • Saturday, Brunch @ 10:30am, and Dinner @ 4:30pm
    • Sunday, Bag lunch (Pick up at Sat. Dinner) Dinner @ 4:30pm

    Prior to the weekends, snacks and drinks will be available for purchase in the campus bookstore, or you can bring your own.

    Is this course accredited?

    While the majority of the material in this course is equivalent to college 100–400 level courses, and students receive a certificate of completion, there is no accreditation granted for this specific course. In the past, many individual students have used experience from this class to compile portfolios which are recognized by their school, or used the skills they garnered here to test their way out of college courses.

    What is the class size?

    Class size is limited to 100 students.

    Are there scholarship options available?
    Yes! If you have prayerfully confirmed that the Lord is leading you to participate in one of these music courses, and finances restrict your enrollment, we want to help. We have a limited amount of scholarships available. Please contact us so we can find a good fit for you.
    For all other questions, see the Orientation Manual.

    Also, feel free to contact the Music Office at [email protected].

    Travel Details

    Arrival & Departure

    For Those Driving

    Please arrive at the International ALERT Academy (One Academy Blvd, Big Sandy, TX, 75755) by 3:30pm on Saturday, July 9th. Dinner is provided in the dining room from 4:30-5:00pm, and registration and orientation will take place in the Auditorium from 5:30-7:00pm. If you are not staying for Sound Foundations, please plan to leave by 12:00pm on Saturday, July 16th. If you are interested in organizing a carpool from your area, let us know so we can connect you with other students.

    Flight Arrivals

    For flights into Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) or Dallas Love Field (DAL), plan to arrive before 2:00pm on Saturday, July 9th. 

    For flights into Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR), or East Texas Regional Airport in Longview (GGG), arrive before 3:00pm on Saturday, July 10th.


    Flight Departures

    For DFW or DAL, plan to depart after 12:30pm on Saturday, July 16th.

    For TYR or GGG, plan to depart any time after 8:00am on Saturday, July 16th.

    International ALERT Academy Campus

    1 Academy Blvd.
    Big Sandy TX, 75755

    View Venue Website

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    Early Bird Pricing

    Sign up before May 28!

    Individual Registration $750 — $625

    Tuition includes:

    • Daily lessons with your personal coach
    • Daily rehearsals with your ensemble coach
    • 15+ structured practice hours on-site
    • All core classroom materials (please note that some instructors may recommend the purchase of supplementary materials)
    • One week of lodging and meals

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    Registration closes June 25, 2022

    $25 non-refundable application fee.
    Full course payment is due no later than June 25.

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