Join families fellowshipping around the Word of God.

An uplifting experience for the entire family.

Our passion is to encourage families and individuals to cultivate greater intimacy in their relationship with the Lord and motivate them to grow together as a family centered around the Word of God.

With sessions for adults, tracks for young people, and programs for children, everyone can be challenged to live life fully surrendered to the Lord. Not only are there inspiring messages from the various speakers, but also opportunities to fellowship with other like-minded families and to encourage and sharpen one another. We invite you to join with families from across the country to fellowship around the Word of God.

Family Events

Join families from across the nation for a life-changing week of encouragement and growth around the Word of God.

Music Courses

Join young musicians coming together with a heart to seek the Lord and glorify Him as you take your music skills to the next level.


Join young ladies who desire to grow in grace and reclaim true beauty. Allow Christ to form His life in you as you look to Him to help to grow you spiritually and as you learn practical skills.

A few of our past speakers

Keith & Jenny Daniel

Larry Guthrie

Tom Harmon

David Barton

David Gibbs, Jr.

David & Jason Benham

John Van Gelderen

Josef Tson

Jobe Martin

Jerry Benjamin

Aaron Baker

Jamie Lash

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Upcoming Family Conferences

Northwoods Summer Family Conference

June 14–18, 2021

Watersmeet, MI

Modesto Family Conference

June 29 – July 2, 2021

Modesto, CA

Big Sandy Summer Family Conference

August 2–6, 2021

Big Sandy, TX

Northwoods Fall Family Conference

September 20–24, 2021

Watersmeet, MI

Big Sandy Spring Family Conference

April 25–29, 2022

Big Sandy, TX

Bates This is the highlight of any trip our family ever takes. . . they would all say Family conferences. Not only for all the rich preaching and teaching, but just to be in one place with so many likeminded families and children . . . people that really are wanting to go in the same direction. What a blessing to make friends that will literally last a lifetime. Bringing Up Bates Gil & Kelly Bates Duggars One of our FAVORITE annual events for over 25 years now is attending the Family Conferences! It's such a wonderful time for us to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to be together with family and friends. The kids can hardly wait to go each year and love taking part in the children’s programs! Cultivating a love for God and each other is priceless. You will never regret making the effort to invest in your family! Counting On, 19 Kids and Counting Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Thenhaus Our family was blessed beyond measure by our time at the conference. The speakers were outstanding, the music excellent, and the fellowship was so rich! Our son Joe was in ‘little boy heaven’ doing the ALERT Cadet Challenge. That has been the highlight of his year. It brought us great joy to see our girls having the opportunity to fellowship with other Godly young ladies. They were blessed immensely. Thenhaus Family

Music Courses

Equipping Musicians for Excellence

So, you’re a musician! You desire to serve God, and you’re working on building your skillset. Our music courses exist for you! Each course offers Christ-centered training in a variety of musical topics. While training musicians for excellence, we desire to also encourage them in their walk with the Lord.

Other Courses for Young People

Explore exciting programs for young people that will encourage them to grow in their faith while learning various life skills.

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Each month, we’ll deliver you a free message from one of our past events, right to your inbox. We will also keep you updated on our upcoming courses & conferences!