Roy Daniel


Roy Daniel (son of the late preacher Keith Daniel) was saved 19 years back in South Africa. He learned countless truths from his godly parents but also had to find Jesus himself. God has children, not grandchildren. After meeting Christ, Roy went into full-time ministry preaching thousands of times in schools, churches, orphanages, prisons, nursing homes, outreaches, camps, and conventions. He reached out in many of the slums of Africa. Based in South Africa, he has ministered in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. Many changed lives were accompanied by adventures of faith. This includes the deputy president of a country ‘threatening’ to send the entire army looking for him. There were also dangerous wild animal encounters, as well as criminals attempting to kill him on various occasions. Ultimately he is nothing without Jesus. No message could mean anything without the one who died and rose again. The gospel is Jesus.