Larry & Hannah Overton

Founders, Syndeo Ministries

In 2006, Larry and Hannah Overton fell in love with a little boy at their church, named Andrew, a foster child. The Overtons felt a great desire to provide a home for him and to “become his forever family.” He would be their sixth child, as they had five biological children. A few short months later tragedy struck and their world was turned upside down. Andrew went home to be with Jesus, after passing away from a rare medical condition called Hypernatremia, characterized by high levels of sodium in the blood stream. This sorrowful tragedy was compounded when Larry and Hannah were accused and charged in Andrew’s death.On September 7, 2007 Hannah was convicted of capital murder, and sent to a maximum security prison for life without the possibility of parole, for a crime she didn’t commit. This would leave Larry at home to care for their other 5 children. During Hannah’s incarceration, God not only held her and her family in His hands, but also used this trial in mighty ways. After seven years of imprisonment, on April 8th, 2015, Hannah was exonerated and all charges were dropped.

Many have come to the Lord as a result of Hannah’s time in prison. God gave Hannah a vision for Syndeo Ministries while still in prison, and this ministry continues to grow, providing Bible Studies, pen pals and discipleship. Larry is the president of Syndeo Ministries. He is an ordained pastor called to walking side by side with those who have experienced trauma. The Overton’s heart is to share their story, to encourage those facing times of sorrow, and to always trust that God is faithful to lead them every step of the way. They will continue to minister to those behind prison gates and to remind the church that this charge is not only for those who have been there, as Hannah was, but for all believers!