For Girls Ages 8–12

Foundational Truths for Life
Girls aged 8–11
are invited to join us for an exciting week at Pre-Excel! Together, we will learn about God’s heart and His good purposes for us. The perspectives we gain as children set the stage for the decisions we make as teenagers and even as adults. Knowing the truth of who we are in Christ will impact how we live our lives and help us to be an effective witness for Christ.

Young ladies 16 and older attending the Conference may apply to become a Team Leader.

Schedule: Full-day
Cost: $64 per participant
Program fee: $50
Uniform items: $14

Daily Dress

• Burgundy shirt*
• Navy or khaki skirt
• Khaki bucket hat*
• Tennis shoes

Items to Bring

• Bible and notebook
• Backpack or tote bag

*One Pre-Excel shirt will be issued at registration. Students will receive their khaki bucket hat when they check into their program. Additional shirts may be purchased.