Student Orchestra

Requirement: All Auditions Welcome

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the orchestra at a Family Conference! Parents and students both are welcome to audition by following the steps below. We can’t wait to make music with you!

For His glory,

The Family Conference Music Team

[Please note: auditions are due 5 weeks before the start of each conference. Auditions submitted after these deadlines may not be reviewed for inclusion]

Audition Deadlines:

  • Big Sandy Spring—March 4, 2024

1. Practice Your Music

Download and print a copy of the audition music for your instrument (see below). Note that one of the pieces is required for the audition, the other music is for you to start practicing if you wish. If there is more than one part in the music, select the part that you can perform most comfortably.

  1. Cello
  2. Clarinet
  3. Flute
  4. French Horn
  5. Oboe
  6. String Bass
  7. Trombone
  8. Trumpet
  9. Viola
  10. Violin

Here are a couple things we listen for in auditions:

  • Intonation – Record yourself and listen to it. Is your intonation solid?
  • Rhythm – Practice with a metronome. Are your rhythm and note values consistent?
  • Articulation and expression: dynamics, staccato vs legato, tempo changes, various moods, etc. Are you including each of these in your playing?

2. Record Yourself

Make an audio or video recording of you playing the audition piece on your instrument. Try to play it as close to the designated tempo marking as possible. If there are multiple measures of rest, insert ONE measure.

3. Upload your recording

Upload your audio file or video to a cloud folder (Google Drive, Dropbox, or other), or to a private online channel (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), and get the link so you can include it in the submission form.

4. Fill out this form to submit your audition

Orchestra Audition

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