Susannah Hulin

A pianist, violinist, and violist with a passion for teaching, Susannah Hulin is also the composer of countless original songs. Since 2003, she and her sisters have run their music studio and instructed hundreds of students in the greater Houston, Texas, area. More information is available at Having studied music since very young, Susannah enjoys playing piano and viola for her church and at events with her siblings. She is currently studying piano composition and voice with Aaron Baker. Susannah enjoys relaxing by “doodling” on the piano, exploring and composing new melodies or arranging hymns. She is excited to pass on the gift of music to others; she is grateful to be able to do that currently on a weekly basis with her twenty piano students.

Along with her sisters, Susannah loves sharing about music pedagogy and helping younger teachers start and manage their studios well. A panel discussion on this topic with Susannah and her sisters is planned for Sound Foundations this summer! In addition to running their large private studio, the Hulins annually host an action-packed summer music camp that has delighted children and given them practical skills for their instruments and voices. Although music plays a very important role in Susannah’s life, it pales in comparison to her relationship with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Soli Deo Gloria!

At Sound Foundations, Susannah will be presenting classes in music theory, music notation, piano pedagogy, and coordinating some fun activities for students, including hymn drills, and, of course, volleyball!

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