Carol Blair

An outstanding hymnologist with a passion for singing the hymns that she studies, Carol Blair’s teaching brings the hymns of the faith to life. As a child, Carol grew up singing hymns in Sunday school, church, youth group, and summer Bible camp. Through these experiences, she came to learn dozens of hymns by heart, including all the verses, just by singing them frequently. Eventually, Carol realized the tremendous value of hymns in the life of the believer and, later on, was influenced by the late Dr. Al Smith to begin the serious study of hymns. Carol began researching and writing about all aspects of hymns, as well as teaching courses and seminars in hymnology—the formal study of hymns. Throughout her eighteen years in East Texas, Carol has spoken to a variety of church and home education groups about hymns. She plays the clarinet and the piano, and thoroughly enjoys sharing with others about hymns and the glorious doctrine that one can learn from them.

At Sound Foundations, Carol will present a complete course on hymnology. Included in class times will be uplifting times of singing and reflection on the words of the great hymns of the faith!

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