Brian Fox

A passionate conductor and teacher with decades of experience, Brian Fox brings to every ensemble he works with exuberant energy and a higher level of excellence. His background includes extensive performances as a vocal and instrumental soloist, membership in numerous small and large vocal and instrumental organizations, director of orchestras and choirs for the Advanced Training Institute and the Institute in Basic Life Principles, music leader at his church, and director of multiple ensembles in southern California.

Born and raised in California, Brian and his wife Sue have been married for over forty-five years and have six adult children whom they home educated. They rejoice that their children and grandchildren are serving the Lord in various arenas. A business owner with experience presenting in both music and technology venues for secular and religious organizations, Brian also brings thirty-one years of experience as a public school teacher. When Brian is not working with his business or coaching musical ensembles, he enjoys both water and snow skiing, spending time with his family, and residing in his California mountain home.

At Sound Foundations, Brian Fox will be presenting classes on ensemble performance, principles of orchestrations and arranging, conducting, and doing what he does best—leading young people in practice and presentation of choral and instrumental ensembles!

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