Brian Fox

Brian Fox was born and raised in the state of California and has been married for over 45 years. He and his wife, Sue, have six children between the ages of 42 and 24. Brian and Sue home schooled all of them and they have been involved in various aspects of serving the Lord for twenty-five years. As a professional, Brian was a public school teacher for thirty-one years. In addition, Brian was a business owner and has taught and presented in both music and technology venues for secular and religious organizations. Brian has been a vocal and instrumental soloist, member of numerous small and large vocal and instrumental organizations, and the director of orchestras and choirs for the Advanced Training Institute/Institute in Basic Life Principles and local, southern California Christian groups. Brian enjoys the outdoors in the mountains where he and his wife reside. He also enjoys water and snow skiing when conditions are appropriate, leading music at his church, and spending time with his wife, children, their spouses, and grandchildren.

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