Valerie Bogner

An experienced teacher with a mothering heart towards all whom she teaches, Valerie brings creativity, love, and joyful songs into her groups of young musicians.
Holding a Master’s degree in speech and hearing from Washington University, Valerie taught special education classes at Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis, MO, and the Institute of Logopedics in Whicita, KS.
A passionate homeschooling mom, Valerie home-educated her four daughters, each of which are accomplished musicians and involved in vibrant ministry in their homes and churches.  The former leader of the children’s choir for ages four to eight at her home church in Houston, TX, her practice with her children’s choir included teaching them to sing with a joyful heart, and to sing with an understanding of music theory.
Valerie enjoys being a Nursery Supervisor and ladies’ Sunday School teacher at her church, as well as faithfully attending Bible Study Fellowship. She has a passion for quilts and making heirloom pieces for her children and grandchildren.
At Sound Foundations, Valerie will be teaching students how to work with children’s choirs, and do what she has done with her children: make a joyful noise unto the Lord with skill and understanding.