Susan Horsman

From Midwest farm dinners to formal banquets, Susan Horsman has navigated the full spectrum of hospitality scenarios. While her first experiences at formal banquets left her a little nervous, she moved on to not only becoming comfortable in them, but being able to teach others how to do the same. Today, even her energetic sons can handle crystal and linens, when needed. In one of her teaching experiences, she had two days to teach dozens of teenage boys how to plan, serve, prepare, and emcee a formal banquet properly—which they did. Yes, they did the cooking, too.


Susan is the former director of hospitality at the ALERT Academy. For formal and informal events throughout the year, she adds fresh flowers, gift baskets, and a welcoming smile for visiting guests. A mother of four and a grandmother of eight, Susan lives in East Texas with her husband and youngest daughter.


At Excel, Susan will coach young ladies through etiquette, banquet planning, and presentation.