Daniel Ziesemer

A brilliant classical violinist, Daniel Ziesemer brings 29 years of experience as a soloist, arranger, and publisher to this course.

With his violin performance background, he loves coaching string students in technique and interpretation, and sharing from his experiences as a recording artist. His current discography includes Abiding, Everlasting Love, and I Believe in Miracles.

Daniel’s musical training began before he was born, in listening to beautiful, melodious music at home and at church. At the age of three, he began his violin training with William Führberg. Several years later, he added piano, organ and music theory studies with Dr. M. Dean Kincaid.

Since 2001, Daniel has studied violin with Dr. Roland and Almita Vamos in Chicago, and received coaching from reputable artists as David Taylor, Mark Zinger, Mauricio Fuchs, Rachel Barton Pine, Alan Heatherington, Sibbi Bernhardson and Augustin Hadelich.

Along with his parents, he founded Ziesemer Family Publishers in 2011. Through every aspect of his ministry, Daniel desires to create beautiful music for the glory of God and the edification of the Church.