Sound Foundations Frequently Asked Questions

Course Questions

Where does the course take place?
We are located in Big Sandy, Texas, which is about two hours east of Dallas.

What does it cost?
The course cost, including room and board is $950 if registered by June 1st. After that, the rate for the course is $1,200.

What if we have multiple students registering from the same family?
For this, you are eligible to receive $100 off on every additional sibling! For example: Student #1 at the early bird rate—$950. Students #2, #3, etc. at the early bird rate—$850 each.

Who can enroll in the course?
The course is designed music students ages 15–21. Younger students may attend with older siblings or accompanied by a parent, and older students are welcome to attend, as well.

Is Sound Foundations run by a particular church or denomination?
Family Conferences is a non-denominational evangelical Christian ministry, governed by a board of directors and is not run by any particular church or denomination. 

I don’t like sitting in classrooms. Can this course still be a good fit for me?
Since the purpose of the course is geared towards equipping students with tools for ministry, there are a lot of classroom hours. However, many of them are hands-on or involve assignment completion time within the class time. 

Is there time for personal practice on my instrument?
Yes! Personal practice can take place during study halls, elective classes, around mealtimes, and in the mornings and evenings. Additional practice time is available on the weekends as well. 

Will there be opportunities for 1:1 training or coaching or will it be more lecture style?
Students will receive private lessons 1-2 times weekly, based upon interest and instructor availability. The masterclasses involve some lecture, but have a lot of hands on time as well.

Is there an orchestra that plays together during the course and for the Family Conference?
We are forming an orchestra, but the size and structure is determined based upon the instrumentation that registers for the course. If a full orchestra is not formed, smaller ensembles will be, and they will be given a full experience with conducting, coaching, rehearsing and performing. During the Family Conference, Sound Foundations students will most likely join the student orchestra, in addition to having their own group. Mr. Brian Fox will be coordinating the orchestra.

Food and lodging:

Can additional family members to stay in the dorms before, during, or after the course (siblings, parents, etc.)?
Yes! We have our regular rooms that are available if they are interested in staying on campus. Our Private Rooms are $85/night. Semi-Private Rooms are $75/night. Cabins are $30/night. The course fee does provide participants with their meals and lodging; you are welcome to arrange alternate housing and meals if you’d rather. However, please note that the program cost will remain the same. For more info on food or lodging, contact Cherith Hendrich, our event registrar, at 903-636-9201, or [email protected]

What is the setup for meals?
All meals, including a continental breakfast, and full lunch and dinner are served in the campus dining hall. Our dining hall features a serving line staffed by our kitchen staff and volunteers, so students can refuse any foods that are not appropriate for them, and there are always plenty of options. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions on your application, or within one month of the course start date, so we can plan appropriately.

What do meals cost for visiting family members?
Meals are $7/adult (12+) and $4.50 (ages 4–11). Continental breakfasts during the weekdays are $4/adult, $3/child). Hot breakfasts (usual Wednesday morning) are $7/adult.

Can I do laundry while I’m there?
Yes! A laundry room is located within each dorm. Laundry will most easily take place on the weekends, so plan accordingly (note: please bring your own laundry detergent).


What can I do during my free time?
The Family Conference venue has many areas for recreation, including a track, disc golf course, basketball and volleyball courts, a lakefront with canoes (used under supervision, with lifejackets, and at scheduled times), walking areas, and more.

Is this course accredited?
While the majority of the material in this course is equivalent to college 100–300 level courses, there is no accreditation granted for this course.

What is the class size?
Class size is limited to 50 students.

Can I receive mail during Sound Foundations?
Yes! Letters and packages can be sent to (Students’ name), C/O Sound Foundations, One Academy Blvd, Big Sandy, TX, 75755

If you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected], or (903) 636-2000.