Student Sessions

For students aged 12 and up. What does it mean to trust God? How do we fully trust Him? This year, the student sessions will be focusing on the importance of fully trusting the Lord for every area of your life. Every area means your future, your work, your marriage, your ministry. These special sessions have been designed to strengthen and challenge you to trust in the Lord in these areas. Speakers will share from their personal experiences and how their trust in the Lord has guided the direction of their lives.

Choir & Orchestra

Students of all ages are welcome to audition for the Student Orchestra. If you play an orchestral instrument we would love to have you join us! Learn more »

The student choir does not require an audition, and all students are encouraged to participate!

Program Details

Schedule: Half-day
Cost: Free

Daily Dress for Young Women

• Dress skirt of modest length
(Please avoid slits.)
• Modest-fitting blouse
• Dress shoes

Friday Presentation

• Solid navy or black skirt of modest length (Please avoid slits.)
• Solid white, modest fitting blouse
• Dress shoes

Daily Dress for Young Men

• Dress slacks
• Dress shirt and tie
• Dress shoes

Friday Presentation

• Navy or black slacks
• White dress shirt and tie
• Dress shoes

Please strive to maintain a professional appearance and attitude.


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