Event Photography

Students aged 14 and up learn, practice, and master the skills of covering the photography needs of a large event. Under the guidance and instruction of a photographer who has been shooting Family Conferences for six years, learn how to effectively capture the moment, create consistently bright and sharp images, and expedite the postprocessing work flow for meeting time-sensitive deadlines.

The Photography Team is specifically structured to accommodate both beginner level and “beyond beginner level” photographers with SLR cameras. Students will learn through classroom training, on-location shooting assignments, and one-on-one photo critique.

Program Details

Schedule: Part-day (will join Student Sessions when not on assignment)
Cost: $115 per participant

Daily Dress for Young Women

• Dress skirt of modest length
(Please avoid slits.)
• Modest-fitting blouse
• Dress shoes

Daily Dress for Young Men

• Dress slacks
• Dress shirt and tie
• Dress shoes

Items to bring: DSLR camera, laptop computer with pre-installed photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom®

Note: IBLP will retain the perpetual right to use, print, and publish all images taken during the course of the workshop.

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