ALERT Cadet Challenge

The ALERT Cadet Challenge, for young men aged 8–11, is filled with spiritual, mental, and physical lessons designed to impart a global vision for service to each young man and challenge him to develop a heart fully committed to Christ.

Participants will enjoy challenging outdoor activities, spend time in God’s Word, and learn and practice new life skills. They will work with other young men in a squad structure alongside ALERT men and ALERT Cadet officers.

ALERT Cadet Advanced Challenge, for young men ages 12–17, is an advanced opportunity for young men to uniquely challenge them to develop character and skills necessary to be men of God and leaders in their day. The ALERT Cadet Advanced Challenge will be more difficult physically and mentally, stretching young men as they grow into Biblical manhood.

Program Details

Schedule: Full-day schedule
Cost: $95 per participant
Lunch will be provided. Due to the extended program schedule at the Big Sandy and Northwoods conferences, Thursday lunch is not provided at these events. The Sacramento schedule has not changed.

Items to Bring

• KJV Bible, pen/pencil
• Small backpack
• Filled water bottle (minimum 1 liter)
• 4′ long, ¼” braided, nylon rope
• Rain poncho, sunscreen
• 3 morning snacks (lunch is provided)

Uniform for Challenge

• Tennis shoes or broken-in hiking boots
• Khaki-colored BDUs or pants
• ALERT Cadet T-shirt and a khaki cap*

*One shirt and one cap will be issued at registration; additional items may be purchased at the conference on a first-come, first served basis. Your sons will get dirty!


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