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Dear Families,

The new coronavirus, COVID-19, has affected every area of life as we know it, including the April Family Conference. Due to COVID-19, we are unable to enjoy the wonderful in-person fellowship, interactions, and life-changing activities for children that we look forward to every April in Big Sandy, Texas. However, we still want to bring you a taste of the conference through a completely online event.

We will stream a free session each evening from April 27–May 1, beginning at 6:30 pm CT. We look forward to hearing special messages from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, David Gibbs Jr, Gil Bates, Bob Gray II, and Peter Magnuson. The content from these sessions will not be available again until after September 15, so be sure to catch them when they stream live each evening!

Each evening session will also feature some interactive children’s activities with friends from Pre-Excel, ALERT Cadet, and the Children’s Institute.

We will also announce some online-only product specials and share with you some of the courses and opportunities for students and families this year.

To stay updated on these events, join our Family Conferences e-mail list, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. Also, invite your family and friends to participate in the live stream and experience this special taste of the April Family Conference online!

We look forward to providing this free, online conference as a special way for your family to come together and be blessed and encouraged during this time.

In Christ,
David Waller
Family Conferences


4 Responses to “Online Conference”

    • gravatar Bethany

      No registration is needed for this conference because it is a completely free, online event!

  1. gravatar Kim

    I haven’t received an email confirmation that I will receive the monthly emails or calendar etc

    • gravatar Bethany

      Visit to sign up for our emails! You will receive a confirmation email once you sign up. This email sometimes ends up in spam folders, so be sure to check there.

      Let us know if you have further issues!


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