New Family Conference Location!


The Twin Cities Families Conference is new this year! As a team of staff toured the country late last year conducting Family Connections meetings, they met with families in Minneapolis who suggested hosting a conference in their area. Their connections proved successful, and we are excited to announce a Family Conference which will be conducted at the University of Northwestern– St. Paul in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. This location appears to be an ideal place for families to gather around the Word of God for encouragement, fellowship, and support.

3 Responses to “New Family Conference Location!”

  1. gravatar Kari

    Please send me information as it becomes available for the Twin Cities location.

  2. gravatar Holly Cabuay

    Is there any way to connect with any of the local attendees of the Twin Cities Conference to see if they have a fellowship group I could join?

    • gravatar Samuel

      Great question thank you for asking! We will being doing Family Connections in various locations around the US and Cananda over the next three months these are perfect oppertunities to connect and fellowship with like-minded families. For more information or to register for free visit: Hope to see you there!


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