New Breakout Sessions for Pastors and Young Couples

Young Couples Breakout SessionsNew at the Family Conferences this year are two special opportunities. First, there will be a special track for young couples who are pursuing God’s best in their relationship, whether they are courting, engaged, or recently married.  Gary FraleyChris HoganDwain Swanson, and other speakers will share from their experiences the importance of drawing near to Jesus to find lasting fulfillment, true success, and eternal fruitfulness in your relationship. Their testimonies will inspire you to guard and nourish your relationship with God so you can guard and nourish your relationship with your life partner.

Second, we have arranged a special workshop just for pastors. Often the pastor’s position is difficult. He hears things he cannot repeat. He has pressures few people understand. He struggles alone, often in prayer, and sometimes it’s hard to please the “sheep.” Only God and your fellow pastors can understand. This time is set apart solely for you, pastors. Come be with other “under shepherds” and encourage one another by testimony or with the Word of God.

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