Green Lake Family Conference Speaker’s Message Hits Home

160830-jas_8971cropThe Green Lake Family Conference was held August 30–September 3 at a beautiful retreat center right on Green Lake. The delightful Wisconsin weather and pleasant setting made for a great atmosphere at our first ever 160830-jas_8947cropFamily Conference in Wisconsin. The location choice received hearty approval from many of the 379 attendees as well as the speakers, with requests submitted for a 2017 Family Conference to be scheduled at this specific site again.
One family shared this about their time at the Green Lake conference:
160830-abby-sherlock-3551“What a wonderful blessing it was to attend the 2016 Green Lake WI Family Conference! These conferences are our family’s highlight of the year. We are rejoicing with gratitude and thanksgiving for the times of fellowship with other believers who desire to walk in the light of the Lord. We find so many valiant examples of others loving Christ; we always leave inspired and armed with new friendships.
160831-shelby-rogers-0228“The learning that takes place at the Family Conference isn’t limited to our ‘sessions’! We are enjoying daily the Biblical principles brought through the many speakers, the resources made available to us, and the wisdom gleaned from visiting with other families. Thank you, ATI, for providing our youth with life-altering opportunities to serve and love the Lord!” –The Cada family

“God used each of the speakers in a powerful way. Staff received many comments on how the messages families heard touched their lives and gave them practical direction in deepening their walk with the Lord. Here are some of the testimonies that we received that highlight how a couple of messages by Dr. SM Davis spoke to three people in deep and yet different ways.”
160901-jas_9233“After hearing Dr. S.M. Davis talk about the ‘sin of secrets,’ I knew that I had a secret. My secret was that I was not saved. I was in need of a Savior. Right after the conference, my friends and I were talking, and I told them my secret. They thanked me for telling them, and they said they would pray with me. I asked the Lord to save me right there! God knew that is what I needed the most this conference. God also worked in another way: I was wanting to help with CI [the children’s program], but God did not let that happen. [Now I know that] He wanted me to hear the messages because He knew I needed Him. I am so thankful. God is so good!” –Abigail

160831-abby-sherlock-4019nt“I was very glad that a conference was held right here in Green Lake! My heart was so blessed and challenged in a lot of ways. I enjoyed hearing a lot of different sermons. I heard the message by Dr. S. M. Davis in which he spoke on anger, I realized in my own heart I had anger in which I knew I needed to deal with. God really spoke to my heart and that night I asked God to take away my anger. I’ve felt totally different since then! I’ve realized it’s not worth being angry and I am glad to have that ‘old’ self off! With God’s strength I am able to . . . walk in a way in which is pleasing to Him and to do His will for my life! I am thankful to have these truths in my heart, and I pray God will continue to do a work in my life as He has done already! God bless you all!” –Anna
160831-james-staddon-9191crop“The Green Lake conference did so much for me! At the beginning of the week I was this girl with a big attitude. I had a heart that was cluttered with things that were not the best. At every session I felt as if the speaker was talking directly to me. After the conference, I was feeling so convicted that the littlest things made me get very angry. Eventually I had to humble myself and be open and willing to share the struggles and things that were making my love for Jesus cluttered. 160831-anna-savino-3038There were a lot of tears shed, but my parents showed me a love like I have never seen, and they prayed with me and for me. The sermon that touched me most was ‘The Power of Secrets’ by Dr. S. M. Davis. It challenged me and made me see how important it is to not have BAD secrets in your life. Since being real, open, and honest with my family, I have this feeling of an uncluttered love for Jesus and wanting to learn and grow—not in a mechanical way but in a real relationship with Him! This conference has really changed my life! To God be the glory!” –Maggie
Family Conferences Logo_JakeThe goal of Family Conferences is to build up believers in their relationship with Christ and provide an opportunity for fellowship with others who are like-minded. We seek the Lord for His choice of the speakers to bring messages that will encourage and exhort the attendees. Interested in coming to a Family Conference? We have four scheduled for 2017 in Big Sandy, TX; Toccoa, GA; Sacramento, CA; and Green Lake, WI. For more information, please call 630-323-2842 to request a brochure or visit our website at We hope to see you at a 2017 Family Conference!

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