Excel Release Form

By willingly registering online, over the phone, or in person, please note that Excel students and/or their parents automatically consent to the Release Form below.

In exchange for the opportunity to receive training during this Excel Course, I do release the Advanced Training Institute (ATI) and the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), Its employees, agents, and volunteers from any liability arising from injuries to myself, or property damage to my belongings while participating in the course.

I do voluntarily authorize ATI and IBLP and any of its officers, employees, or volunteers responsible for my well-being (or the well-being of my child) to provide or to make reasonable arrangements for those life-saving procedures, which appear to be necessary in case of an emergency. I understand that my parents will be contacted as soon as it is reasonably possible in the event of any serious injury.

I fully consent to the arrangements made for the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical welfare of my daughter during the period of time they are in training. I understand that by submitting my registration I am waiving any and all rights to bring a claim or cause of action against ATI, IBLP, their employees, agents, or volunteers.

I grant permission to ATI and IBLP to reproduce our likenesses in their brochures, books, websites, and other print or electronic media, as well as allowing ATI and IBLP to sell or distribute any aforementioned materials containing our likenesses in whatever way they desire, including photography, videography, and recorded audio.