Serve at Family Week

Family Week is a unique opportunity for any family to come and serve alongside other families and the IBLP and ALERT staff in Big Sandy by aiding in cleaning, landscaping, and other work projects. For the entire week or just part of it, families are welcome to experience “the other side” of the ministry while being a blessing to both staff and those whom we serve. Families are encouraged to join us for morning staff meetings, noon prayer times, and mealtimes. In the evenings we will have sessions for the whole family as well as time for fellowship with other families.

Our theme for this Family Week is Israel: A Nation is Born. During this week of Yom Kippur (September 30, 2017), we will view a five-part series about the rebirth of Israel narrated by a personal witness, Mr. Abba Eban. Mr. Eban was Israel’s representative to the United Nations in 1948, served as Israel’s ambassador to the United States in 1950, and was Israel’s Foreign Minister from 1966 to 1974. His narration, along with actual footage of the creation of the State of Israel, demonstrates the way Israel’s history has been shaped by God.

A young men’s Journey to the Heart will be taking place in Big Sandy September 23-30, 2017. Families are invited to participate in Family Week while their sons, ages 13 and up, attend the Journey. More information on the Journey to the Heart can be found at

For questions or to be a part of Family Week, please contact us at 903-636-9201.

Meal Plans

  • $50/person ages 12 and up
  • $25/person for children ages 4-11

Meal plans include lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and brunch on Saturday. Families are responsible to provide their own breakfast. You will have access to a shared refrigerator and kitchenette in the dorm.

Housing is available in either a dorm or the campground.

$100/room for 6 nights (maximum occupancy is 7).

Camp Ground
$50/site for 6 nights.

Housing for additional nights is available. For more information, call 903-636-9201.