Serve at Family Week

Family Week is a unique opportunity for any family to come and serve alongside other families and the IBLP and ALERT staff in Big Sandy by aiding in cleaning, landscaping, and other work projects. For the entire week or just part of it, families are welcome to experience “the other side” of the ministry while being a blessing to both staff and those whom we serve. Families are encouraged to join us for morning staff meetings, noon prayer times, and mealtimes. In the evenings we will have sessions for the whole family as well as time for fellowship with other families.

Our theme for this Family Week is Developing Ministry Skills. Many families desire to be involved in ministering to those around them but do not know how to get started. This Family Week is designed to address those needs. The Neds family and Mrs. Shelley Hendry will be sharing sessions and ideas to help equip you and your family to begin ministering in the place God has you.

This family week will lead up to a father/son conference on Thursday through Saturday. Families are invited to learn and serve together during the week, with the fathers and sons joining the conference at the close of the week.

For questions or to be a part of Family Week, please contact us at 903-636-2000, ext. 2101.

Meal Plans

  • $7/meal for ages 12 and up
  • $4.50/meal for children ages 4-11

Meal plans are only available for lunches and dinners. You will need to provide your own breakfasts. You will have access to a shared refrigerator and kitchen area in your dorm.

Lodging is $10/night per person over 3 yrs.