Serve at Family Week

Family Week is a unique opportunity for any family to come and serve alongside other families and the IBLP and ALERT staff in Big Sandy by aiding in cleaning, landscaping, and other work projects. For the entire week or just part of it, families are welcome to experience “the other side” of the ministry while being a blessing to both staff and those whom we serve.

Families are encouraged to join us for morning staff meetings, noon prayer times, and mealtimes. In the evenings they may enjoy special messages and relaxing fellowship time. This next Family Week (June 19-23) leads up to STEP graduation (June 23) so that families may come a week early to enjoy encouraging fellowship with other like-minded believers.

Our goal with Family Weeks is to provide a unique opportunity of serving other guests in a ministry setting alongside our staff and staff families here at Big Sandy, TX. This particular week would involve serving those who attended the STEP graduation, and in preparing for future groups and people who will come to this campus for ministry opportunities.

For questions or to be a part of Family Week, please contact us at 903-636-2000, ext. 2101.

Meal Plans

  • $7/meal for ages 12 and up
  • $4.50/meal for children ages 4-11

Meal plans are only available for lunches and dinners. You will need to provide your own breakfasts. You will have access to a shared refrigerator and kitchen area in your dorm.

Lodging is $10/night per person over 3 yrs.