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Family Conferences are weeklong, life-changing family events. Rich fellowship, inspiring messages, and hands-on workshops make Family Conference something to look forward to by anyone who has experienced one. Whether making new friendships with other families or rekindling relationships from previous years, the conference is an annual highlight for many.

The conferences are structured to foster spiritual growth as young and old alike are challenged to honor God’s Word in every area of their lives.


Register for the Toccoa Family Conference (May 23-27, 2017):



Georgia Baptist Conference Center Toccoa
462 Sonrise Way, Toccoa, GA 30577

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Gil and Kelly Bates

  • Gil and Kelly have seen God take care of their family of 19 children. They delight in sharing testimonies of God’s work in their lives.

Shelley Hendry

  • Shelley has studied extensively the lives of great Christians. Her well-developed dramatic monologue presentations give us inspiring accounts of other believers who trusted in the Lord.

Otto Koning

  • The life lessons Otto learned during his 14 years on the mission field ministering to tribal people not only impacted the tribes but also countless others who have heard his stories.

Jobe Martin

  • Dr. Martin was converted “from an evolution-trained scientist to a Bible-believing creationist.” Dr. Martin’s messages resonate with the importance of trusting in God’s Word to build our trust in the Lord.

Peter Magnuson

  • Peter is the son of speaker/attorney Roger Magnuson, a favorite of past Family Conferences. Like his father, Peter is a practicing attorney, the pastor of Straitgate Church in inner-city Minneapolis, and an engaging speaker.

S. M. Davis (video)

  • Dr. Davis' Bible-based presentations are loaded with illustrations and pictures that will encourage and challenge us to draw near to God.

Gabriel Cleator

  • With contagious enthusiasm for living for a living Savior, Gabriel animatedly and clearly exhorts both young and old to personally know Jesus Christ. Gabe resides in Big Sandy where he works in the ATI Department.

David Waller

  • David Waller, father of three and fifth sibling of ten, is grateful for an upbringing that challenged him to combine a Scripturally-founded faith with real life situations. David serves as director of ATI.

Tim Levendusky

  • Tim’s involvement with IBLP ministry spans over 27 years in various responsibilities and locations throughout the world. He and his wife Angie served in Mongolia and Korea, and they now reside in Big Sandy, Texas.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (video)

  • As parents of 19 kids, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar teach invaluable lessons about equipping and releasing their children to follow what God has called them to do.

Scott Pauley (video)

  • In a day when conservative Christian homes could easily slip into focusing on disciplines and regulations instead of love, Scott has a passion to help families experience a joy-filled home centered on God’s Word.

Jerry Benjamin (video)

  • As an “itinerant Bible teacher,” Dr. Jerry Benjamin has traveled throughout the world to proclaim the pre-eminence of Christ in all things. He opens the Scriptures with the rich cultural insights gained from his Jewish upbringing.

Tim Tomlinson (video)

  • Tim has been a Bible teacher for over 20 years and serves as Vice President of Administration at Crown College in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Joe Norvell (video)

  • Whether pastoring families or counseling troubled youth, Joe has a desire and vision to guide people to God and His Word for ultimate answers in life. Joe also has unique insights as a second generation homeschooler.

Steve & Teri Maxwell (video)

  • Steve and Teri Maxwell, the parents of eight grown children and many grandchildren, homeschooled for thirty years. Their messages encourage hearers to seek Christ and prepare children to do great things.


Young Couples’ Workshop

  • Marriage is a major commitment. This session is just for you – addressed to those special needs you have right now as you are building your life together.

Student Sessions

  • Sessions for students aged 12 and up will focus on the importance of fully trusting the Lord for every area of your life. This includes your future, your work, your marriage, and your ministry.


  • Fun times and solid Biblical teaching await young ladies between the ages of 8-11! Enthusiastic leaders model for younger ones the joy in knowing God and serving Him.

Pastors’ Workshop

  • This is a time set aside just for pastors. Come be encouraged. Come share a burden you have. Come apart and be with others who understand. Just come.

Music Opportunities

  • Present special music as a family or participate in orchestra and instrumental ensembles.

Event Photography

  • Does your young person have an interest in photography? Techniques and tips for developing photography skills are offered in this workshop, as well as ideas for possible ministry.


  • Young ladies aged 12-15 enjoy activities and sessions motivating them to seek the Lord first, to love Him with all their hearts, and to humbly serve others in their youth.

Children’s Institute

  • This program is for children aged 4-7 years old. Small and large group activities provide Godly instruction in ways that are both understandable and exciting to them.

ALERT Cadet Challenge

  • This all-day program is for young men aged 8-17. Participants experience challenging outdoor activities, spend time in God’s Word, and learn and practice new life skills.


Family Rate: $200* ($250 at the door)
Individual Rate: $75* ($100 at the door)

Discounted pricing for currently enrolled ATI families:

ATI Family Rate: $150* ($200 at the door)
ATI Individual Rate: $55* ($75 at the door)

*Lodging and meals are not included in this price

Optional Children's Program Pricing:

Children’s Institute: $55
Pre-Embassy: $65
ALERT Cadet Challenge: $75
Event Photography Workshop: $95

All other breakout sessions and workshops, including those for Pastors and Young Couples, are covered by the base conference pricing and have no additional cost.

Registration deadline: May 16, 2017


Meal Plans

Meal packages are available with advance online registration. Meals purchased upon arrival will be very limited and offered at a higher price. Visit mytoccoa.com, or call 706-886-3133 for more information.


Registration for on-site lodging is open for reservations. For information regarding housing options or to make a reservation click here. For questions please call: 706-886-3133.