Event description

Family Conferences are weeklong, life-changing family events. Rich fellowship, inspiring messages, and hands-on workshops make Family Conference something to look forward to by anyone who has experienced one. Whether making new friendships with other families or rekindling relationships from previous years, the conference is an annual highlight for many.

The conferences are structured to foster spiritual growth as young and old alike are challenged to honor God’s Word in every area of their lives.

New for 2019:

We are excited to announce that the Big Sandy Family Conference will be hosted in an air conditioned building this year! We have moved from our traditional Convention Center to our beautiful gymnasium in the Field House, adjacent to the Dining Room. This spacious facility can seat over 2,000 people while providing ease of access to meals, nursing mothers room, and toddlers play area. We are looking forward to this shift and to improving the conference experience for you all. 

Those who will be staying in the campground may want to consider bringing or renting additional transportation to aid in traversing the campus. If you have specific questions or concerns about the logistics of this transition, please contact us at 903-636-9201.



David Gibbs Jr.

  • David C. Gibbs, Jr. has spent over 40 years in ministry. He is the Founder and President of the Christian Law Association.

Otto Koning

  • The life lessons Otto learned during his 14 years on the mission field ministering to tribal people not only impacted the tribes but also countless others who have heard his stories.

S. M. Davis

  • Dr. Davis' Bible-based presentations are loaded with illustrations and pictures that will encourage and challenge us to draw near to God.

Tim Lee

  • Tim Lee grew up in a Christian home and gave his heart to Christ at the age of 10. Tim joined the Marine Corps in 1969 to escape the world around him. Today Tim travels as an evangelist, carrying the Gospel across the nation.

Peter Magnuson

  • Peter is the son of speaker/attorney Roger Magnuson, a favorite of past Family Conferences. Like his father, Peter is a practicing attorney, the pastor of Straitgate Church in inner-city Minneapolis, and an engaging speaker.

Jobe Martin

  • Dr. Martin was converted “from an evolution-trained scientist to a Bible-believing creationist.” Dr. Martin’s messages resonate with the importance of trusting in God’s Word to build our trust in the Lord.

Tim Barton

  • Timothy Barton, son of well-known David Barton, is a speaker for WallBuilders. Tim is an ordained minister and has worked in a variety of church staff positions, including as youth minister, worship leader, and assistant pastor.

Bill Fay

  • Bill Fay has a gripping salvation testimony. Eventually, when faced with the threat of jail time for his crimes, he found Christ. Since then Bill actively seeks to share Christ with others. His book, Share Jesus Without Fear, has been published in over 40 languages.

Greg Witzenburg

  • Greg is very passionate about encouraging men.  As a former family pastor and youth pastor, he now shares his message at camps and retreats.  He skillfully challenges men to be better husbands and fathers through personal testimony and the Word of God.

Aaron Baker

  • A skilled vocalist, pianist, arranger, and church music leader, Aaron has a heart to equip the next generation of church musicians with skills for ministry.

Darren Myers

  • Darren and his wife Tammy founded Freedom Focus. Through preaching, teaching, singing, and audio/video they seek to bring the truths of freedom alive for this generation.

Gabriel Cleator

  • With contagious enthusiasm for living for a living Savior, Gabriel animatedly and clearly exhorts both young and old to personally know Jesus Christ.

Tim Levendusky

  • Tim’s involvement with IBLP ministry spans over 29 years in various responsibilities. He and his wife Angie served in Mongolia and South Korea, and they now reside in Big Sandy, Texas.

Gil and Kelly Bates

  • Gil and Kelly have seen God take care of their family of 19 children. They delight in sharing testimonies of God’s work in their lives.

David Waller

  • David Waller, father of four and fifth sibling of ten, is grateful for an upbringing that challenged him to combine a Scripturally-founded faith with real life situations. David serves as director of ATI.


Student Sessions

  • Sessions for students aged 12 and up will focus on the importance of fully trusting the Lord for every area of your life. This includes your future, your work, your marriage, and your ministry.


  • Fun times and solid Biblical teaching await young ladies between the ages of 8–11! Enthusiastic leaders model for younger ones the joy in knowing God and serving Him.

Photography Team

  • Does your young person have an interest in photography? Techniques and tips for developing photography skills are offered in this workshop, as well as ideas for possible ministry.

Pastors’ Workshop

  • This is a time set aside just for pastors. Come be encouraged. Come share a burden you have. Come apart and be with others who understand. Just come.

Music Opportunities

  • Present special music as a family or participate in orchestra and instrumental ensembles.


  • Young ladies aged 12–15 enjoy activities and sessions motivating them to seek the Lord first, to love Him with all their hearts, and to humbly serve others in their youth.

Children’s Institute

  • This program is for children aged 4–7 years old. Small and large group activities provide Godly instruction in ways that are both understandable and exciting to them.

ALERT Cadet Challenge

  • This all-day program is for young men aged 8–17. Participants experience challenging outdoor activities, spend time in God’s Word, and learn and practice new life skills.

Meal Plans

Delicious lunch & dinner meals are available for $7.50/adult (ages 12+) and $5.00/child (ages 4-11). Meal Packages are available for the reduced cost of  $7.00/$4.50 and can be purchased at events.alertacademy.com. Packages start with Monday Dinner and conclude with Friday Dinner. To purchase meals individually, please call 903-636-9201.

New this year: Continental Breakfast with reduced cost of $4.50/adult and $3.50. Purchase the breakfast meal package online for additional savings!

Please note: ALERT Cadet/Pre-EXCEL’s lunches are included in their program costs, except for Thursday lunch. This meal can be purchased individually online.

$16.00 Simple Breakfast Adult (4 breakfasts)
$12.00 Simple Breakfast Child (4 breakfasts)
$28.00 Lunch Adult (4 lunches)
$18.00 Lunch Child (4 lunches)
$35.00 Dinner Adult (5 dinners)
$22.50 Dinner Child (5 dinners)

Check out our delicious Big Sandy Family Conference Menu! Gluten-free options available with prior reservation. Meal reservation deadline is Monday, April 15.

$50 non-refundable for meal cancellations received on or before Monday, April 15. (Meals are non-refundable after Monday, April 15.)


Conference Registration Prices
Family Rate: $295
Individual Rate: $95
Day Rate (Family): $80
Day Rate (Individual): $30
Children's Program Prices
Children's Institute: $60
ALERT Cadets: $95
Pre-EXCEL: $95
Photography Workshop: $115

Families enrolled in ATI receive an additional $100 discount. Learn more about ATI or re-enroll!

Conference Cancellation Policies:

$35 non-refundable for conference registration cancellations. $25 non-refundable per campsite, dorm room, or cabin. $50 non-refundable for meal cancellations received on or before Monday, April 15. (Meals are non-refundable after the Meal Reservation deadline on Monday, April 15.)

No refunds for conference, lodging, or meal cancellations made on or after Monday, April 29.


Campus Lodging

Registration for Big Sandy Lodging will open at 10:00 am CST on February 1, 2019.

Hotel Info

For information about local accommodations, please visit the Big Sandy Hotels Page.


For information about RV and Golf Cart Rentals, please visit the Big Sandy Rentals Page.