2019 Family Conferences

Family Conferences are weeklong life-changing family events. Rich fellowship, inspiring messages, and hands-on workshops make Family Conferences something to look forward to by anyone who has experienced one. Whether making new friendships with other families or rekindling relationships from previous years, the conference is an annual highlight for many. The conferences are structured to foster spiritual growth as young and old alike are challenged to honor God’s Word in every area of their lives.

Special sessions are available for fathers, mothers, students ages 12-young adult (Student Sessions), boys ages 8-17 (ALERT Cadets), young ladies ages 12-15 (COMMIT), girls ages 8-11 (Pre-EXCEL), and children ages 4-7 (Children’s Institute), as well as times for the whole family to learn together.

Anticipation is growing as another season of Family Conferences approaches. This year we have planned five conferences in three locations, an air conditioned meeting facility in Big Sandy, a new registration discount, and a Sound Foundations course! The 2019 Family Conference theme is “Seek Ye the Lord.” Come join us to hear dynamic messages from God’s Word from new speakers, such as John Van Gelderen and Bob Gray, and from our returning favorites, including Keith and Jenny DanielS.M. DavisOtto KoningTim Lee, and Gil and Kelly Bates. Read on about the new developments for this year’s Family Conferences:

1. Five Conferences for 2019

You have the wonderful opportunity to experience a Family Conference at any one of our locations and attend a second one for no additional registration fee. With a second Big Sandy conference added this year, the five conferences are as follows:

2. Save 15% by Registering Six Weeks Early

When you register early, you not only help us better plan and prepare, but you also help us keep costs down. In order to help all of us in this way, we are offering you a 15% discount on your entire registration if you register by the 15th (see dates above). Additionally, families currently enrolled in ATI receive a $100 discount off the family rate. Online registration for all five conferences is now open, so register today to take advantage of the additional 15% discount! Visit FamilyConferences.org for more information.

3. Air Conditioned Facility for Big Sandy Conferences

The Big Sandy Conference main sessions will be relocated from our traditional Convention Center to our air conditioned gymnasium in the Field House, adjacent to the Dining Room. This spacious facility seats over 2,000 people while providing simpler access to the dining hall, a nursing mothers’ room, and a toddler play area. This “cool,” dry meeting place is sure to improve the conference experience for you. 

Housing registration for both Big Sandy Conferences opened on February 1. Camping, dormitory, and cabin options are available. For more information, visit FamilyConferences.org.

4. Sound Foundations Music Course with Final Week During Second Big Sandy Conference

We will be hosting the Sound Foundations music course July 15–August 3. The third week of the course will run concurrently with the second Big Sandy Conference. Young people desiring to further develop their music skills for ministry will benefit greatly in attending this three-week course. For more information about this intensive, skill-honing course, visit FamilyConferences.org.