2017 Family Conferences

Family Conferences are week-long, life-changing family events. Rich fellowship, inspiring messages, and hands-on workshops make Family Conferences something to look forward to by anyone who has experienced one. Whether making new friendships with other families or rekindling relationships from previous years, the conference is an annual highlight for many. The conferences are structured to foster spiritual growth as young and old alike are challenged to honor God’s Word in every area of their lives.

Special sessions are available for fathers, mothers, students ages 12 through young adult (Student Sessions), boys ages 8—17 (ALERT Cadets), young ladies ages 12—15 (COMMIT), girls ages 8—11 (Pre-Embassy), and children ages 4—7 (Children’s Institute), as well as times for the whole family to learn together.

As you welcome the New Year and begin to make plans, we would like to invite your family to attend a Family Conference this year. The conferences will be held in the same four locations as last year. The first conference will be in Big Sandy, TX, April 25-29, followed by one in Toccoa, GA, May 23-27. Next is Sacramento, CA, July 4-8, followed by the last conference of the year, in Green Lake, WI, September 5-9.

We are looking forward to hearing from a great line-up of speakers, including: Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, Scott Pauley, Jerry Benjamin, Gil & Kelly Bates, Tim Tomlinson, Shelly Hendry, Otto Koning, Joe Norvell, Steve & Terri Maxwell, Jobe Martin, Peter Magnuson, Paul & Jenny Speed, S.M. Davis, Dwain Swanson, David Waller and Gabriel Cleator.

This year our theme is “Trust in the Lord.” Scripture exhorts us, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). More than ever before, there is a great need to place our hope and trust in Jesus Christ—not only for our future, health, and finances, but also for our family relationships, fellowship with other believers, and revival in our nation. While it is easy to place confidence in men, methods, or ministries, the time is now to confirm that we are deeply rooted in God’s Word. Programs may help; people may encourage; families may be strengthened; change may take place in our nation—but when all is said and done, we must trust in the Lord.

As you make plans to attend a conference, our hope and prayer is that you and your family’s trust in the Lord will grow stronger and deeper. Through messages from God’s Word and encouraging fellowship with like-minded believers in these special, set-aside places, we desire that each person’s heart will be touched and every believer’s confidence made surer as we each gain greater strength to trust in the Lord. REGISTER TODAY

2 Responses to “2017 Family Conferences”

  1. gravatar Rachel

    Hello! I am interested in learning more about your family camps! I was wondering if children are allowed to attend with you to speaking sessions if they are not joining the childrens groups. Also, do you have a schedule of daily sessions and such for the Green Lake event? Or do you have an example of previous years conferences that I may see in order to get an idea of how this all runs and works. Thanks! Rachel Windemuller

    • gravatar Samuel

      Hello Rachel,

      Thank you for your questions! The children’s programs are optional. We provide a family viewing area for families with children that need a place where they can be children. We also welcome children to attend sessions with their parents. Here is a link to last years schedule from the Family Conference in Big Sandy, TX.

      I hope this helps!



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